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* [Flent-users] Announcing Flent v2.0.0
@ 2021-01-14 19:14 Toke Høiland-Jørgensen
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From: Toke Høiland-Jørgensen @ 2021-01-14 19:14 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Hi everyone

This is to announce the release of Flent v2.0.0.

This release drops support for Python 2 and Qt4, and associated older versions
of matplotlib. The major version bump is to signify this change; otherwise
consider this a (long overdue) regular incremental release over v1.3.0.

Changes since v1.3.0 include:

- Drop support for Python 2; the minimum required Python version is now 3.5.

- Drop support for old versions of libraries. The minimum supported version of
  matplotlib is 1.5, and for the GUI, Qt 5 is required, using either PyQt or
  PySide2. A new dependency on the 'QtPy' package is added to support both Qt

- Add parsing of WiFi device information as extended metadata (from Emilly

- Add the ping_markings test parameter for setting DSCP values on ping flows.

- Add new plot types to rrul_be, tcp_nup and related tests (from Pete Heist).

- Add multiple-inheritance support for batch files (from Pete Heist).

- Support running multiple instances of http-getter for HTTP tests, by supplying
  the --http-getter-urllist option multiple times.

- Add new rrul_var test where the number of bidirectional streams can be
  configured via the bidir_streams test parameter.

- Support output of aggregate statistics per series also in csv format (via the
  'stats_csv' formatter).

- Make sure all underlying tools use the same values for symbolic diffserv
  markings by parsing the symbolic names into numeric values before passing them
  down to the tools.

- Support specifying custom symbolic diffserv markings using the --marking-name
  options. This can be used to specify site-specific names for diffserv markings
  (e.g., 'gaming') that can then be used when running a test.

- Support specifying the same hostname multiple times (for tests that take
  multiple targets). Previously, this could only be achieved by using different
  hostnames that all resolve to the same IP address; now, Flent will accept the
  same hostname multiple times, but will turn append a number after two slashes
  ('//N') to the display of the hostname when doing so.

- Support ranges and wildcards in the --remote-hosts parameter for running test
  runners remotely via SSH. For instance '--remote-host=1-3=host1' will run the
  first three runners on 'host1', or '--remote-host=*=host2' will run all
  runners on host2. If both concrete numbers (or ranges) and the wildcard are
  specified, the concrete numbers will take precedence.

- Fix several bugs related to plotting, the loading of old data files and RC
  files, running of commands etc.

As always, the Flent source is available via PyPi. The sha256 checksums
for the source code archives are:

978a6e9a49b0236df32ee9e45e0a4dc7b172b812b7a6960ba6534f36f3d011ee  flent-2.0.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl
8a9c33336f828b4e8621c59ae74e28c33b501a5ba074470041ff6aa897c15ce9  flent-2.0.0.tar.gz

The PPA should already be updated, as is the Arch package and the Fedora
packages. The native Debian package is pending but should appear as soon
as the Debian build infrastructure gets around to it.


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