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Subject: [Flent-users] Re: [tohojo/flent] Questions (and Error) regarding rrul_prio (#240)
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 14:26:19 -0700	[thread overview]
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j-breyer ***@***.***> writes:

> Hi! I'm currently trying a couple different tests provided in flent, and stumbled across the `rrul_prio` test.
> Firstly, I'm curious as to what the labels `BE`, `BE2`, `BE3` and
> `BE4` stand for - I suppose, the BE should be Best Effort(?)

Yeah; those would be four identical Best Effort flows.

> And for the ping section - the difference between `BE1` and `PRIO`?

PRIO is marking 0x10

> Further, their respective ToS or DSCP codes, as I was unable to find
> them in the docs, to consider them in possible network configurations.

BE is 0, PRIO is 0x10

> Also, when running the test (mn.h1 and mn.h2 refering to local entries in `/etc/hosts`, connections can be established):
> `sudo flent rrul_prio -p all_scaled --local-bind mn.h1 -l 60 -H mn.h2 -o rrul_prio2.pdf -v`
> I find the following error:
> ```
> Ping (ms) ICMP PRIO: Starting watchdog with timeout 71
> Started TimerRunner idx 17 ('Watchdog [Ping (ms) ICMP PRIO]')
> Started PingRunner idx 17 ('Ping (ms) ICMP PRIO')
> WARNING: Program exited non-zero.
> Runner class: IrttRunner
> Command: /usr/bin/irtt client -o - --fill=rand -Q -d 70s -i 0.2s  --dscp=0x10,0x10 --local=mn.h1  mn.h2
> Return code: 2
> Stdout: 
> Stderr: Error: strconv.ParseInt: parsing "0x10,0x10": invalid syntax
> WARNING: Unable to parse irtt JSON output: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)
> WARNING: Command produced no valid data.
> Runner class: IrttRunner
> Command: /usr/bin/irtt client -o - --fill=rand -Q -d 70s -i 0.2s  --dscp=0x10,0x10 --local=mn.h1  mn.h2
> Return code: 2
> Stdout: 
> Stderr: Error: strconv.ParseInt: parsing "0x10,0x10": invalid syntax
> ```
> Searching a bit through the test config files of your other tests, I
> found that normally your markings would be configured with DSCP names
> rather than hex values, maybe there lies the problem?

No, it's because there are two values. Which should be fixed already;
what version of Flent are you running this on?

> The plot seems to include data from all connections, despite the Error
> (as far as I'm aware)

Well, the 'Ping (ms) UDP PRIO' series would be missing in this case.

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