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From: "Toke Høiland-Jørgensen" <notifications@github.com>
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Subject: [Flent-users] Re: [tohojo/flent] Question about custom symbolic diffserv marking names feature (#215)
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2020 07:43:49 -0800	[thread overview]
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olg33 <notifications@github.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I have a system using the feature that implements custom symbolic diffserv marking names, In the past, I got it working with your help (Issue #203).
> Now, I had to replicate settings in another server. First I cloned the VM of the first deployment and reviewed the flentrc file, which has the following lines:
> `[global]
> marking_names=10=0x28;12=0x30;14=0x38;16=0x40;18=0x48;20=0x50;26=0x68;34=0x88`
> Once everything was in place I ran the following test:
> `flent rrul_var -H --test-parameter bidir_streams=5 --test-parameter markings=10,12,14,16,20`
> In principle all went fine:
> ![Capture](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/61751672/101208375-1ac72e00-3640-11eb-935d-8f88eb9f14b1.JPG)
> Simultaneously, I performed a packet capture to see the marks in the traffic generated in the upload traffic as the download one doesn't seem to be marked maybe due to a router blocking, but that is not an issue right now. 
> Looking at the upload captures I'm not seeing the outcome expected. I should see values of 0x28, 0x30, 0x38, 0x40 and 0x50 in those packets. Instead, I see values like 0x10, 0x0a, ox0e, etc.
> ![Capture](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/61751672/101209320-8a89e880-3641-11eb-873e-ec7e87534ad5.JPG)
> After banging my head for a wile, I would like to ask if you see anything that I may be missing in steps described above?
>  Any clue would be appreciated.

Hmm, seems like the configuration is correct on the Flent side. However,
note that the values you specify are the values of the entire TOS byte,
whereas what wireshark displays is only the DSCP field. So you need to
left-shift your values by two bits. I.e., if you want the DSCP field to
be 0x28, you need to set the marking to (0x28 << 2) == 0xa0...

0x28 >> 2 is 0x0a, so this seems to be consistent with what you're
seeing :)

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