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Subject: Re: [Flent-users] [tohojo/flent] completion delay for an iperf script (#138)
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 01:57:22 -0700	[thread overview]
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Matthieu Coudron <notifications@github.com> writes:

> I would like to send a fixed amount of data (I am more used to iperf)
> so for instance run 10 times ` iperf -c HOST -n 6MB` and show a cdf of
> the completion times.

Hmm, so what is it that you are trying to measure here? This doesn't
sound like it's a timeseries data series? You just want to repeat a
single download and measure its time, or are you planning to run another
bulk flow or latency measurement at the same time.
> I kinda understand the .conf format and came up with my own script iperf_cdf.conf
> ```
> DESCRIPTION="iperf completion delay 6MB"
> DEFAULTS={'PLOT': "iperf_delay",
>           'HOSTS': []}
> IPERF_V6=""
> if IP_VERSION == 6:
>     IPERF_V6="-V"
> DATA_SETS = o([
>     ('TCP iperf',
>         # -n => fixed number of byte
>          {'command': "iperf -c %s -i %.2f -y C -n 6M %s" % (HOST, max(0.5,STEP_SIZE), IPERF_V6),
>           'delay': DELAY,               # do I need this anymore ?
>           'units': 'second',
>           'runner': 'iperf_csv',})
>     ])

This will get you the iperf CSV output (i.e., bandwidth over time).

> Just for info here is the output.
> ```
> iperf -n 6M -c localhost --enhancedreports
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> Client connecting to localhost, TCP port 5001 with pid 20613
> Write buffer size:  128 KByte
> TCP window size: 2.50 MByte (default)
> ------------------------------------------------------------
> [  3] local port 46618 connected with port 5001
> [ ID] Interval        Transfer    Bandwidth       Write/Err  Rtry    Cwnd/RTT
> [  3] 0.00-0.23 sec  6.00 MBytes   221 Mbits/sec  1/0      65483        0K/56811 us
> ```

Yeah, there's no parser for this currently. But could probably be added,
either to the existing iperf parser, or another runner. Depends a bit on
what data you want; see my question above.

> NB: can I load this  iperf_cdf.conf out of tree ?

No. You can drop it in the tests folder, of course, but there is no
support for loading tests from an outside directory. Having this would
imply that the test format is API, which it isn't. So I'd much rather
include the test upstream; should be possible to parameterise it so it
is generally useful :)

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